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Saturday, 17th June – 10 am
Sant’Omobono’s church, from the Middle Ages to modern times
A focus tour dedicated to one of the oldest churches in Cremona, the one where, according to the tradition, Omobono Tucenghi died in 1197, becoming the city's patron saint, in search of architectural and artistic traces ranging from Romanesque to Rococo. A treasure with unique traits.

Meeting point: 9.45 am, in front of the church
Reservation required up to 48 hrs before


Sunday, 19th June – 7.30 pm
Sant’Agostino’s church: a Perugino in Cremona (and much more)
A focus tour to discover an ancient Cremona church with only apparently sober and austere features: the medieval building in fact preserves the signs of art and history ranging from the Late Gothic to the full Baroque, passing through unusual iconographies (such as that of the Mystical winepress) and masterpieces of national relevance (such as the Perugino altarpiece). Not to be missed.

Meeting point: 7.15, in front of the church
Reservation required up to 48 hrs before


Saturday 24 June – 5.30 pm and Sunday 25 June – 5.30pm
Palazzo Guazzoni Zaccaria: a rediscovered treasure

A palace built in the 15th century, enriched over the centuries, until the 1920s, recently reopened by the new owners to the public who will have the chance to admire its extraordinary mix of eras and styles. One of a kind and ready to revive on special occasions like the Festival.

Meeting point: 5.15 pm, entrance of the building
Reservation required up to 48 hrs before


On request, individuals and groups can book:
•    The tour of the church of Sant'Omobono and/or Sant'Agostino (about 1 and/or 2 hrs)
•    The tour of Palazzo Guazzoni (about 1 hr)
•    The Classic tour to discover the city of Cremona (about 2,5 hrs)
•    The Cremona music tour to discover the city of Cremona through the eyes of Monteverdi, Ponchielli and Stradivari (about 2,5 hrs)

For info and rates:, +39 333 5388250 (Anna)

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