Tune in to Monteverdi Radio to listen to audio extracts from some concerts of previous editions of the Festival. Every week Monteverdi Radio will publish new extracts from the great Baroque repertoire, from Monteverdi to Bach and many more. Waiting to return to listen to live music!


di Claudio Monteverdi
Accademia Bizantina
Ottavio Dantone, clavicembalo e direzione

Monteverdi Festival, 5 maggio 2017

Tune in Radio Monteverdi: listen to extracts from concerts of past editions of the Monteverdi Festival. Let us start with Monteverdi’s Toccata from L’Orfeo: a brilliant fanfare full of energy that will draw your attention and introduce you to the beauty of Music…

CONCERTO BRANDEBURGHESE n. 5 in re maggiore BWV 1050
di Johann Sebastian Bach
Allegro – Affettuoso - Allegro
Fabio Bonizzoni, direzione e clavicembalo

Monteverdi Festival, 26 maggio 2017

Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos are an absolute masterpiece, one the liveliest and most colourful orchestral work of their day, a catalogue of different styles, forms and influences. Listen to Fabio Bonizzoni’s performance of Brandenburg Concerto n. 5, famous for the harpsichord’s ground-breaking cadenza and considered truly the first harpsichord concerto in music history.


Claudio Monteverdi , Salve Regina [II], a 3 voci e organo
(da Selva morale e spirituale, Venezia 1641)
Ensemble Odhecaton 
Paolo Da Col, direzione

Monteverdi Festival, 17 maggio 2019

In 1613 Monteverdi became maestro di cappella at St. Mark in Venice and held that post for 40 years. Also in his sacred output, Monteverdi reveals his unique and strong personality. Listen to the Salve Regina, dedicated to the Virgin, where the music reinforces the sublime spiritual purity of this prayer.


Pietro Antonio Cesti, Berenice, ove sei? (Il Tito – Polemone)
Ian Bostridge, tenore
Antonio Florio, maestro concertatore

Monteverdi Festival, 26 maggio 2018

Everybody falls in love with Berenice, Queen of Judea. Also Polemone falls and invokes her with pain and anger in this beautiful aria from Cesti’s Il Tito. Listen to the dazzling interpretation of British tenor Ian Bostridge, whose magnetic voice charms the audiences across the world.


Claudio Monteverdi, O possente spirito (L’Orfeo)
Emiliano Gonzales ToroOrfeo
Accademia Bizantina 
Ottavio Dantone, clavicembalo e direzione

Monteverdi Festival, 5 maggio 2017

Orpheus travels to the land of the dead to bring back to life his beloved Eurydice. With his lyre he charms and puts to sleep the ferryman Charon guardian of the River Styx. His music penetrates and moves the underworld. Listen to Emiliano Gonzales Toro in Monteverdi’s beautiful aria O possente spirito.

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