Cremona in the Seventeenth Century

A peste, a bello, a fame, libera nos Domine

by Cremona State Archive with the collaboration of Cremona Municipality - Town Museum and Historical Diocesan Archive

The exhibition aims at analyzing (in line with the artistic exhibition about Genovesino and the painting of the Seventeenth Century) the historical news concerning Cremona in a moment when the town was suffering from a serious economic crisis.
These are the themes: A peste, a bello, a fame, libera nos Domine.
The plague is described through the legacies made in favor of some charities or of the Church in order to ask God to set the town free from the plague. It is also reproposed the worship of some specific saints: St. Rocco and St. Sebastiano. At that time, the war was invading the town and the citizens had to feed and to accommodate the soldiers. Meanwhile, the hunger was spreading in the entire territory because of the plague and the war. The population was getting poorer and poorer while the aristocratic families used big amounts of money to buy the fiefdoms of the ruler. In this way, the trade exchanges decreased and the economic situation was sluggish. And then, the appeal launched by the humankind to God, the only one who could set people free from the evil: a short analysis of the religious life. The exhibition will be then be accompanied by some artworks of the Town Museum connected to the themes treated in the documents.

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