Monteverdi in Cremona, Mantua and Venice

by Cremona State Archive,
Mantua State Archive and St. Abbondio Parish.

Cremona State Archive and Mantua State Archive are are going to organize an exhibition dedicated to Claudio Monteverdi and made up with a great variety of documents that belong to Cremona State Archive and that concern the very first years of life of the Master and his family. The exhibition will be enriched by a series of documents coming from Mantua and Venice State Archives and that are about the life and the artistic development of Claudio Monteverdi. In this way it will be possible to situate Claudio Monteverdi and his family in the district where the Master was born, studied and then started his artistic training.

The exhibition will analyze the private events of Claudio Monteverdi and his family, from the birth in SS. Nazario e Celso parish (testified in the Baptism Certificate kept in the St. Abbondio Parish in Cremona) till the development of his career, first at the court of Gonzaga family and then in Venice.
During the exhibition the visitors will have the opportunity to see some documents that are generally kept in Mantua and that have never been presented in Cremona (even if some experts have already had the opportunity to analyze them).

The exhibition will be held in the corridor of the Sacristy of St.Abbondio Church and it will represent the opportunity to visit St.Abbondio Church, Loreto Sanctuary, the beautiful cloister painted by Bramante and the rich Loreto Museum.


The exhibition is open by appointment by calling the following numbers:

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