Time 20:30

Organ concerts around Monteverdi

By Institute for High Music Studies “C. Monteverdi” in Cremona

organists: Marco Brunelli, Simone Butti, Chiara Tarenzi

8.30 pm Guided tour carried out by FAI Fondo Ambiente Italiano-Cremona Delegation
in cooperation with AcuTo Arte Cultura Turismo
9.00 pm Concert

The concert cycle has been conceived by the Organ School of Cremona Institute. It will take place in artistically important Churches in Cremona, provided with historic or modern mechanical organs. The programs will include music from Monteverdi’s age, guiding the public through contemporary ‘Practice’ and the influence between ‘Divine Claudius’ and coeval composers. The concerts will be introduced by guided tours in partnership with FAI Delegation Italian Ambient Foundation and ACUTO Art Culture Tourism.

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