Time 18:30


Raffaele Giordani e Roberto Rilievi, tenor
Orchestra Monteverdi Festival – Cremona Antiqua Soloists
Gabriele Palomba, tiorba
Luigi Accardoharpsichord

Music by C. Monteverdi, G. Frescobaldi, G. Rovetta, G. G. Kapsberger

The project was born through the scenographies of the Orfeo represented at the A. Ponchielli Theatre in 2021, from an idea of the tenors Raffaele Giordani and Roberto Rilievi. Singing ventures and misery of the Arcadian lovers, Orfeo's friends lead us through Monteverdi's woods, walking in perfect balance through virtuous landscapes and recitar cantando, dealing with the most beautiful madrigalists pages written for two voices, severely... in tenor key!


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