Time 18:30


Divin Claudio's magic at the most different latitudes

Guo Gan, ehru
Fabio Turchetti, bandoneon
Alberto Venturini, percussions
Music by C. Monteverdi, T. Merula

The project "Monteverdi world" was born from the premise that Divin Claudio's music magic works when played from instruments of any continent on the Earth. In this way is precious the collaboration of Turchetti with Guo Gan, Chinese Two strings violin (ehru) Maestro that praises a star curriculum.
Turchetti's attention for Tarquinio Merula's music and for Cremona's barocco dates back to 2007 when with his ensemble recorded, at the Filodrammatici Theatre of Cremona, the project "Capricci cremonesi". Guo Gan, as well as Turchetti, is a musician profoundly tied to his roots.

The word "world" in this meaning reveals an attitude to make the music a meeting and exchange terrain through different cultures.


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